The Do’s And Don’ts When Flying In A Fighter Aircraf

November 8, 2017

It is the dream of many aircraft enthusiasts to actually fly in a World War II plane, and believe it or not, there are companies that offer a once in a lifetime opportunity,  Experience the sensation of flying in a special plane that was used in actual combat, and with a wide range of packages to suit every adrenaline junkie, you can experience serious G forces and stomach churning rolls with an aerobatic flight. These amazing aircraft were not designed with comfort in mind, and if you have booked a flight in a fighter aircraft, here are a few important points to bear in mind.


Do Wear Suitable Clothing

Once you are strapped into your seat, you are surrounded by dials, buttons and levers, any of which could be caught on a clothing loop, therefore, you must wear suitable clothing, such as tight fitting pants and a sweater. Solid shoes are the order of the day, and as this is most definitely not like your regular flight, you should avoid brining anything that is not essential. There is nothing quite like a Mustang flight with expertly trained pilots, as this puts you in the seat of a real dogfight, and if you want to really test your mettle, just talk to the flight company, who will be able to accommodate.


Don’t Eat Prior to the Flight 

With the term stomach churning used commonly to describe half an hour in a WW2 fighter aircraft, it isn’t a good idea to over indulge prior to take off. With accelerations in excess of 700kph and a few tight turns, your stomach should not be in digestive mode, and save the beer drinking until the flight is over. If you would like to know more about G force, there are informative articles online that explain what actually occurs with rapid acceleration.

The Do’s And Don’ts When Flying In A Fighter Aircraft
Do Check Out the Range of Flight Experiences 

There are not many companies that offer such a service, and whatever else, make sure the company is established and has a 100% safety record. These vintage WW2 fighter aircraft, such as the P51-D Mustang, require constant maintenance, and with qualified pilots who really know the aircraft, you can be sure of an amazing experience. For those who would like to know more about the Mustang 51-D fighter aircraft, there is also a detailed description online, which includes design and early research.


Do Listen to the Pilot 

Obviously, he is the one who will manoeuvre the powerful machine through the air, and should he require you to do something, your headset will keep you both in touch. He might, for example, give you a rundown of the approaching manoeuvres that he will put the plane through, allowing you to prepare yourself.

The Do’s And Don’ts When Flying In A Fighter Aircraft

If you are planning to go or if you are currently in Australia, there is one established fighter aircraft tour operator, and they have an extensive menu, with several classic fighter aircrafts to choose from, and whether you prefer a leisurely flight or a stomach churning aerobatic ride, they have the ideal package. This once in a lifetime experience is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and with the right operator, anything is possible.

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