cape hillsborough

The thin strips of sand where land meets sea have always fascinated me. The beach is where life first crawled out of the oceans, where people have hunted, feasted and played for thousands of years. Shorelines are dynamic, ever changing places… shorelines shift, cliffs collapse, tidal pools fill and empty… Australia has no fewer, Read More

quick guide to nazare

 In this fabulous fishing town, and trending surfing hangout of Nazare the ambience is timeless, traditions continue to thrive and where a sense of contentment abounds. . Two hours north of Lisbon on the Atlantic Coast, this is not a town of architectural grandeur or revered monuments, instead the mosticonic aspect of Nazare are the, Read More

noosa surfing

This is what I like the most about the Sunshine Coast – with still a few high rise towers and shopping malls, commercial development is way more restrained and you are never too far away from a peaceful expanse of golden beach. From Double Island Point to First Point, Old Woman Island and Mooloolaba, Read More

I hardly write about my hometown in Australia. Recently, the guys from Five Point Five asked me to answer some questions… So here’s a little bit about my Australian hometown – Kingscliff   What, in your opinion, defines your town/city? Kingscliff is a small beach side town on the northern NSW coast in Australia. The, Read More

Sure, you’ve got to get up while it’s still dark and sacrifice a sleep-in, but it’s definitely worth the early start. It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself and the world around you and see something naturally beautiful. Sunrises on the Gold Coast are an amazing shot to your senses as you smell the salt, Read More

Not long after I moved to Australia, Paul and I decided to celebrate my anniversary on a beautiful beach on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Unlike many birthdays back in Europe (winter time) It wasn’t those great, grey waves that sucked me towards it and then broke across like a sack of, Read More

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