Best of All Lookout Track

  For many of us, trekking can be like meditation we leave our usual home life far behind as we experience some truly extraordinary views, lookouts and man the walking pace make us really chill! Over the past days I have spent a great deal of time around Springbrook National Park, and here are my favourite, Read More

Boulder lodge

Peace, privacy and a complete escape was what I was looking for. I wanted to completely switch off, relax and unwind in the middle of nature. I chose a place that seemed perfect but not knowing much about it, you never can be certain, but as I drove up the dusty road and passed a, Read More

Rising 260m above the surrounding bushland, the water streaked massive dome is 750m long and 500m wide, making it the largest exposed granite rock in the Southern Hemisphere. Bald Rock is huge, beautiful and humbling. From the summit you have spectacular view of the NSW tablelands from the top making the steep climb all, Read More

  Whether you’re into strenuous treks or serene strolls, Lake Macquarie is home to a range of spectacular hiking trails taking in the best of the region’s magnificent rainforests, beaches, bushland…and the iconic lake itself. Seasoned walkers will rise to the challenge of a number of adventurous tracks, while young families and older walkers can, Read More

IF HOME IS WHERE the heart is, then Australia’s most cherished address is “no fixed abode”. Aussies have a restless streak, and with good reason. This is the only nation on earth blessed with an entire continent of natural wonder that is still being discovered. Being an adventurous lot, Aussies believe even if these place, Read More

Epic adventures are great, but it can be a long road of adventureless time in between. Never mind getting overwhelmed by planning an ambitious weekend escape. It’s just a matter of changing perspectives. Think Micro. Think Microadventure. Take it as cheap, minimal planning and short in time (12- 48 hours). Microadventures aren’t a lesser, Read More

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