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My Top 10 Beaches On Australian East Coast

The thin strips of sand where land meets sea have always fascinated me. The beach is where life first crawled out of the oceans, where people have hunted, feasted and played for thousands of years. Shorelines are dynamic, ever changing places… shorelines shift, cliffs collapse, tidal pools fill and empty… Australia has no fewer than […]

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Swinging from a Tree

After all that crocodile emotion, there was nothing like beachcom on this sun kissed shore with perfect white powdering sand – Myall beach (fingers cross crocs will be sunbaking elsewhere). But swinging on a hanging rope  and wonder along the tree branches, was definitly an highligth of he day. Mossman gorge will be our next […]

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A Walk on the Wildside

Narawntapu National Park. With no ideas where to sleep I scanned quickly the map and saw this green patch and thought what a curious name… What a great option. We arrived with our tummys rumbling for some food, we looked for a spot to park and eat with a view. . Walking on a path […]

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