Lake McKenzie Whether you believe Fraser Island is the creation of Mother Nature or in fact the earthly incarnate of Yindingie, the messenger of Aboriginal god Beiral, the mirrored lakes, rebellious rainforest and sand are simply unforgettable. K’Gari, the Aboriginal name for Fraser means paradise, which seems the perfect match. This ecological wonderland is the the world’s largest, Read More

What is a 4WD if you don’t have anywhere to drive it? Australia has so many places for you to explore. From the kilometres of Victorian bush to the deserts of the Northern Territory, you will never be lost for a place to go driving. Feeling like a trip somewhere? Here are the best, Read More

One of very best things about owning a 4WD is how easy it is to go camping. Owning a 4WD can really improve your lifestyle; just pick your destination; research your route and be aware of any 4WD challenges it presents; plan what to take; pack up your all your equipment and toss it in the back; give the, Read More

The edge of the world was what really got us to explore Tasmania. We wanted to travel Tasmania on the roads less travelled. We knew the Western Explorer road was the most excitingly remote journey that we could do – wrong!   There is actually “A Road to Nowhere” that leads you to the, Read More

Fed basically on salmon, apples and berries, we headed towards the southeast of Tassie (as its affectionately known), we drove through green, hilly countryside and as we love, snacking from roadside produce “stores”- this is our fast food on the island! Simply grab some fresh fruit, drop some coins in the box and off, Read More

I had a couple of emails from my last post. There were two groups of people- Aussies complaining about the heat (mainland is having a heatwave with 40+ degrees) and those on the northern hemisphere (still a little sceptical of my story that it’s cold in Australia). We are on our way to South, Read More

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