We went to the AFL ( Australian Football League) game in Melbourne… Geelong (cats) against Coolingwood (Magpies)… Geelong his Paul’s birth team so he was really excited about it!! We were lucky.. one of the biggest games of the season and we were there!! My first AFL game.. with 84.401 people in the stadium, Read More

aaahhhh Straddie!! Such a good island.. I just went there once for a birthday party and I knew that mum would like it!! Was a bit of a mission to get there.. my navigation skills are not the best… but was worthwhile. With just a short time on the island we decided to not, Read More

Was another great day!!! We went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (click here to see more) and spent the day with the animals!! Was so good!! We feed the kangaroos, the eels, the lorikeets… We had lots of fun and mum was stoked with all the different kind of animals!!

We spent the day in Byron Bay (click here to see more)!! Mum was thrilled by the beauty of the spot.. It has been great weather for winter time… We did some walks to the lighthouse and along the area .. and mum went for a swim (MUM!!! it’s winter!!!!!! ) a couple of, Read More

Paul had a meeting in Coffs Harbour and I join him to have a look around..     Coffs harbour’s ferrous-concrete banana – 13m long, 5m high and 3 m wide- has been hailed as a national icon. Then again it’s also been voted “the most bizarre and grotesque tourist attraction in the world..(and, Read More

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