Study in Australia besides being a fantastic life experience is also a good intellectual and professional investment for your future. Australia offers thousand of different courses for international students and is famous for the quality of education in many areas. Courses with less than 3 months If the period of study will be less than, Read More

Today I spent a bit of time in Lightning Ridge which is over 750km from our home. To get there you drive west, and just keep going. It is a pretty good drive. You watch along the way as development decreases and you are left with vast spaces of flat land interspersed with cotton,, Read More

So, firstly hello. I am proud of what Sofia has done with this blog. She is a great photographer and has learnt a lot with the computer since undertaking this record of life in Australia. I have been asked to say a few words on what it is like to put your life on, Read More

1. CLOTHES T-shirts, shorts, and a sun hat of some sort, will probably be your staple wardrobe. If you come during winter (June to August) it’s worth taking a couple of warmer things, and a waterproof jacket.You’ll also need longer trousers/skirts/tops if you want to visit churches or go out at night. 2. SHOES, Read More

4 days to start the trip to Portugal!! EHEH!!!!

Keep getting e mails asking if I feel bored to do most of the trips myself..Well, sometimes yes, but…. The only constant of travel is change and the constant of living in a foreign country is that everything is new.. And I love constant change and new things.. everything is new.. so How can, Read More

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