After the Blues Fest we drived south to South West Rocks (sorry try to trace our trip on a map but noooo luck!!).. We picthed our tinny little tent (yes!! you would never believed how well prepared aussies are when camping!!) and we woke up with different ypes of neighbours… KANGAROOS!! straight in front, Read More

THANK YOU PAUL!!!! what a great festival I loved it!!! I haven’t had so much fun for a while.. great music, company, stalls, and food!!! The Blues Festival runs for 6 days, but because it’s holidays we decided to go on friday to have the rest of the time for a road trip down, Read More

I’ve always been this way. I love the water, the beach, the sand, the sheels, the Sun, the rocks… You could stick me out in the middle of a desert beach and I’d be happy for years. On a bad day, I’ll walk straight into the sea and float on my back like a, Read More

This was one of the first things that I told to Paul when we moved to OZ… I wanted to watch the hacthing turtles!!And we did it!!! Mon Repos conservation Park is near Bundaberg (6 hours driving from our place – north) and we decided to do this weekend! Saturday we had a early, Read More

WOW what a weekend!! We decided to drive to Bundaberg (6 hours driving to the north) and see the turtles .. but… we found the bundaberg rum factory!!! Well did you said: rum?!?! we thought that we must go there!! and we went!!! We were very happy to find it … until we realised, Read More

The dramatic peak of Mt Warning dominates the all area. Since we moved to Kingscliff we looked to Mt Warning everyday.. And it seemed funny that we never climbed.. Its name was bestowed by Captain Cook , who used the mountain as a landmark for avoiding Point Danger on the Tweed Coast. The Indigenous, Read More

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