Bangalow cares! It’s a plastic free village!! The idea took hold late on night while Clare was surfing the Internet and discovered an inspiring global project to rid the world of plastic bags, called Morsbags: sociable, guerrilla bagging. Clare started a local Morsbags project in Bangalow!! Morsbags are shopping bags made from recycled fabric, Read More

Beachgoers have been warned to be wary of venomous sea snakes as summer approaches. This reptile live in coastal waters and are pottentially deadly. in the paper ” They can be quite aggressive when they are on the beach, however they have small fangs but extremelly venomous” ….. hummmm maybe I will not swim, Read More

  Today at play session we were getting attack by those pesky plovers.. they usually became aggressive to protect their young from potential threats… And guess what??? they made their nest in our TAFE backyard were we have all the children for play session!! They dive on dogs, foxes and humans with a daunting screaming chatter!! They have a, Read More

Started today!! Gold Coast Show is on!! Is so important that Queensland has a public holiday to allow everyone to come.. ( upsss I work in the NSW state..missed out) Thousands of people went there today looking for fun and excitement. There are all sorts of competitions (woodchop, horses, dogs, pigs, visual arts, etc),, Read More


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