Add caption I have been dreaming with coming to the World Tour for years! Starting with the Quick Pro in snapper … but it was it! Put all my efforts on it and here I am.. at Snapper Rocks! One of the world’s biggest surfing events!! When you arrive in Snapper you get the, Read More

Bleach Surfing the Fringe. The inaugural Bleach Festival! A surf culture festival that celebrates the artistic expression and creativity inspired by surf and beach culture.This festival brought over 16 days, more than 80 artists, spanning a distance over 10 km… That was a piece for every taste.. debates, concerts, exhibitions, movies, conferences… WOW!!!!  I am telling, Read More

Crikey! Back in the bad old days, going to a zoo or aquarium offered little more than the opportunity to stare at a series of forlorn-looking creatures in their enclosures. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Today, zoos, wildlife parks and farms across the country offer a variety of novel experiences.   On, Read More

Who doesn’t like fairy lights? Who doesn’t like fairy lights hanging on a big fig tree? This the main street of Kingscliff- our home. I love going past this tree, whether it be at the end of a day travelling past here on my way home or riding my skateboard down the road, along, Read More

Kirra Surfriders Club. The first surf riders club in Queensland had it’s 50th birthday yesterday. It was a great reunion with the presence of all the big figures in the surf industry: Mick fanning, the Peterson brothers as well as many of the upcoming junior surfers. The Junior World Championships ended but there are many more, Read More

My eyes could not believe it.. A loggerhead turtle  dead on the beach…  Apparently this turtle was killed by a propeller strike from a passing boat. This kind of occurrences are doubly tragic given the declining number of turtles of reproductive age left in Australian waters. It takes at least 20 years for a turtle to reach, Read More

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