Are you ready?!? here is the soooo wanted ig news… ready?!?!? Paul and I are…. Going to China!!!!! yes we are!! I know I have been there in 2003 (sorry can’t quite remember dates) but I travelled mainly on the east coast.. Paul have never been there.. but this time we are goin to, Read More

Getting lots of email about my camping gear… so here it goes… Inside my backpack I have only things that we will really need.. i really don’t understand those people that need to pack all their stuff to go camping..and that’s the beauty of camping.. if you forget something that we really need you, Read More

We changed our plans… We were thinking on going to Noosa but we never got there.. we stopped first in Caloundra (the best spot for kite surf!!!) and after in Maroochydore.. All these places are in the Sunshine Coast.. but my favourite place is Cotton Tree Beach.. no doubt about it!! if one day, Read More

The last stop on our easter road trip (and what a great stop) – Dorrigo National Park in the ancient Gondwana Rainforest. Was almost dark but we wanted to stop.. jump out of the car and had a quick lok in the map to see which treks we were able to do with some, Read More

Arakoon State Conservation Area is home to Trial Bay Gaol (1886), a picturesque ruin which was built as a public works prison but was also used as a World War I internment camp. The gaol is surrounded by rocky foreshores and beautiful sandy beaches. PAul and I did m ost of the walking treks, Read More

We drive probably around 1 hour out of our way… actually everyone’s way to get to The Pub with NO BEER!!!! The pub is in Taylors Arm. Isn’t this great!! I hate beer.. I can’t stand the smell, the taste and the bubbles on it!!! i just hate beer.. and here is a Pub, Read More

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