You know. I love camping! I just love it! I do it pretty basic though … We have a 2man tent, sleeping bags and a fire.. No, not even mats.. Knife and torch, not much else… But these guys are simply obsessed with camping! Australians just go mad about it! We are thinking on, Read More

Australia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, but it is more commonly associated with scorching hot summer days and glorious beaches than winter sports. No one things about coming to Australia to be all rugged up!! But hey!!! They do have real winter too!   In fact, in about 10 hours, Read More

What is it about the beach? Why is the picture of a sandy trail of footsteps up a flight of stairs and a wet beach towel flung over a wooden balustrade move us more than a sight of a slick city penthouse? There is nothing closer to our hearts than the notion of the, Read More

    There’s no lighter. There’s no stove. We’re camped in a empty forest in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. I looked through all our food… It seems that bananas and bread will be our menu for the next 3 days with red wine (hmm guess doesn’t sound bad!) We pitched the tent, Read More

If reptiles are your thing this is the show for you. You will get to pat an iguana, plus hold a large Burmese Python, and even a croc! Let me introduce “Furry”!  Furry… What can I say?  You can feel the passion flowing through his words… Crocs, goannas, snakes and the very poisonous tiger snake. Furry, Read More

The sport of stand up paddling may have its roots in Polynesian culture, but its popularity has grown in the 21st century. Surfers and nonsurfers alike are being drawn to the water and getting to their feet. While getting the board and the paddle, the guy said “you’re going to get hooked! All you have to, Read More

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