The sport of stand up paddling may have its roots in Polynesian culture, but its popularity has grown in the 21st century. Surfers and nonsurfers alike are being drawn to the water and getting to their feet. While getting the board and the paddle, the guy said “you’re going to get hooked! All you have to, Read More

Once upon a time we all went camping… That’s how everyone lived. Sleeping under the stars makes me feel quite special! After all camping it’s just not pitching up a tent and sleep in it.. It’s all about living more slowly, leaving computer and tv and home, and purely appreciate what the nature has, Read More

    The mountain and the wave.. So many times I have dreamed with the perfect places of lush green peaks tasting the first sun… Mt Tamborine was formed by Mt Warning lava flow… The lush rainforest is ideal for hikers who want to discover the hiden beauty of Mt Tamborine.  Going for a bush walk, Read More

  Byron Bay started as a surfer’s paradise and turned into a capital of laid back hippie culture. I totally get why they chose here too: the bay itself is absolutely gorgeous: wide and clear with daring surfers weaving in and out of the crashin waves. The kind of beach you’d imagine when someone, Read More

Cane toads. The saga of the cane toad is a lengthy comedy of errors. Sugar cane was introduced in Australia as a cash crop in the late 1700s but suffered from biological attack by two species of beetle. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be there. So, Queensland sugar crafters introduced the cane toad, Read More

As they say a ” picture is worth a thousands words”. I totally aggree. We always see these beautiful travel photography that make us wonder. Surf photography, well, for me those ones have a WOW factor.. When I was living in Portugal, those photos made me dream, to be honest surf photos always have a awesome background, light.., Read More

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