Went to Lennox Head and sat down on the bench watching the surf.. an old fellow came along and started to chat with me about Lennox… It’s a little coincidence that the population of Lennox Head is currently listed as 1973. Most of the residents of the small rural town would be happy for, Read More

In one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world – the Gold Coast in Australia – is an event that motivates and challenges tens of thousands of people of all ages and abilities. The Gold Coast Airport Marathon was this weekend, featuring a 42.2km Marathon, 21.1km Half Marathon, 10km Run, 5km Challenge, Read More

Surprisingly, a freak of nature wasn’t responsible for the world’s longest ocean wave. Sand-pumping barges in the Tweed River, perfectly positioning 1 Km south of the Superbank, deposited just the right number of golden granules to create the flawless and seemingly endless tropical cylindrical tube. It’s the formula 1 of surf breaks: fast, furious, Read More

Pressed for cash? You don’t need bucket loads to have a great travel experience.. House swap or house sit Scrimp on transport (click here to read “how to get cheap air fares”) Negotiate & gamble Pedal power Surf couch Get more bang for your buck Love low season Share & self-cater Camp Get a, Read More

We are back in AUSTRALIA after 10 days in paradise.. as they said: “It’s the closest place to paradise on earth!” .. Well now we believe.. If you want to see some of our photos in NEW CALEDONIA click HERE

We are going to be in NEW CALEDONIA for Easter until the 13th of April… Have a happy Easter everybody.. enjoy.! Paul and I are stocked for trip without any technology whatsoever.. But I promise some good photos when we came back!!!

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