Byron Bay started as a surfer’s paradise and turned into a capital of laid back hippie culture. I totally get why they chose here too: the bay itself is absolutely gorgeous: wide and clear with daring surfers weaving in and out of the crashin waves. The kind of beach you’d imagine when someone, Read More

Cane toads. The saga of the cane toad is a lengthy comedy of errors. Sugar cane was introduced in Australia as a cash crop in the late 1700s but suffered from biological attack by two species of beetle. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be there. So, Queensland sugar crafters introduced the cane toad, Read More

As they say a ” picture is worth a thousands words”. I totally aggree. We always see these beautiful travel photography that make us wonder. Surf photography, well, for me those ones have a WOW factor.. When I was living in Portugal, those photos made me dream, to be honest surf photos always have a awesome background, light.., Read More (Joao Raimundo) That was it! After almost 2 weeks of amazing surf, great atmosphere, and plenty of side events, parties, and concerts, quickly pro in snapper rocks ended. But ended with pretty amazing surf, and some of the heats were from the other side of the moon! I need to confess that I, Read More

Add caption I have been dreaming with coming to the World Tour for years! Starting with the Quick Pro in snapper … but it was it! Put all my efforts on it and here I am.. at Snapper Rocks! One of the world’s biggest surfing events!! When you arrive in Snapper you get the, Read More

Bleach Surfing the Fringe. The inaugural Bleach Festival! A surf culture festival that celebrates the artistic expression and creativity inspired by surf and beach culture.This festival brought over 16 days, more than 80 artists, spanning a distance over 10 km… That was a piece for every taste.. debates, concerts, exhibitions, movies, conferences… WOW!!!!  I am telling, Read More

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