We woke to a perfect spring day- no clouds and warm weather! It was going to be great! We were heading down the coast a little to Hastings Point to do some kayaking and whale watching. Last time we kayaked was in New Caledonia and Paul and I were excited to do this once again…, Read More

Sitting atop the Great Dividing Range, the New England tableland is a vast landscape of sheep and cattle grazing with a adventure sport scene. This is also the spiritual home of Australian country music – the biggest Country music festival in Australia is held in Tamworth in late January.. I was a bit sad, Read More

I am a runner! Well I did it!! Yesterday was my first run in a big, organised event, Bridge to Brisbane and, believe me when I say this, no one is more surprised than me about the race… I never train running. I don’t like the feeling- when I get puffed or feel tired, Read More

There’s nothing better than having a rest on an hammock.. It’s such a great thing.. Easy to pack and carry around and at the end it’s guaranteed that you will get a spot to sleep with the best view.. After a day of surfing you do want to swing a hammock and have a, Read More

Sun kissed bodies, bronzes lifeguards, and glorious surf breaking on the golden sand, bikinis, sarongs, joggers – that’s what I was expecting!!!! but noooooo… the must-do coastal stroll between Bondi and Bronte was full of rugged up people, surfers trying (very hard) to catch the messy, MESSY waves and no lifeguards spotted…. The winding, Read More

You might already have a fair idea of what Sydney Harbour Bridge looks like and given the hoo-haa over Oprah Winfrey climbing the bidge I probably don’t need to tell you much more about it. The bridge seems to pop up when you least expect it. It fills the skyline and complements the backdrop, Read More

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