Today after lunch I climbed a tree. The tree just next to our surf club. I randomly looked, picked the one I liked the most and climbed. I like climbing trees. Actually the deep love and connection with trees has never left me, in fact it has grown deeper over the years. It´s a little, Read More

I didn’t like it at all. But after starting to practise in Australia, I can not live without it! I love Yoga!! I´ve been hooked for the last 3 years. We all love our sticky mats, Krishna Das soundtrack, and buckwheat eye pillow as much as the next downward-dogger, but I felt I needed to, Read More

The idea behind this Surf Swap Meet is quite basic, even old age.  You can actually swap one thing for another and no money is exchanged. Although anyone is welcome to just browse, maybe test ride the surf craft of choice or even buy a unique second hand or new breed of salt enriched, Read More

Camp set at Clarkes beach and we were out and about all weekend going for one event to the other at the Byron Bay Surf Festival. The only thing you wouldn’t find is a surf competition. Byron Bay Surf Festival was focused on the more underground surf culture. The festival wasn’t about competition or, Read More

Team spirit and the thrill of being out on the water are the joys of dragon boating. Sitting in a long, double row of chairs that’s planted on a patch of grass, I bring my paddle down, sweep it backwards and lift it skywards once more. I’m about to climb into a dragon boat, Read More

. In two months we will be heading to the edge of the world… We will drive Lucy along 1800 Km all the way down to Melbourne and catch a barge across to Tasmania. We will be touring around for a full month on the big island that is the very bottom of Australia., Read More

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