We needed to do it! There was no way i was going to stay at Bruny Island and not do the Pennicott Wilderness Expedition…   And I’m very happy to announce that I survived the day with the contents of my stomach entirely intact – after all we were about to make it to, Read More

The scenery is magical. We definitely can handle peace and quiet aligned with countless swimming and surfing beaches and an abundance of wild life. We are going to stay a few days for sure! With a short ferry ride, we landed at this 70 km long island- Bruny Island! Never heard of Bruny before, Read More

Fed basically on salmon, apples and berries, we headed towards the southeast of Tassie (as its affectionately known), we drove through green, hilly countryside and as we love, snacking from roadside produce “stores”- this is our fast food on the island! Simply grab some fresh fruit, drop some coins in the box and off, Read More

I had a couple of emails from my last post. There were two groups of people- Aussies complaining about the heat (mainland is having a heatwave with 40+ degrees) and those on the northern hemisphere (still a little sceptical of my story that it’s cold in Australia). We are on our way to South, Read More

It was quite a warm day but as soon as we started to approach Mt Wellington the sky became overcast – now that didn’t deterred us! We had heard this might happen but like the pot on the other side of the rainbow, Mt Wellington’s peak rises above the cloud level and looks out, Read More

I am starting a new love affair. We crossed tasmania from Devonport to Hobart for new years eve. And what a drive- an inspirational backdrop of jagged peaks and rainforest, and fragile alpine moorlands. At dawn we struggled to avoid the intense wildlife crossing the road – the weird and wonderful marsupials, like kangaroos,, Read More

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