Today I spent a bit of time in Lightning Ridge which is over 750km from our home. To get there you drive west, and just keep going. It is a pretty good drive. You watch along the way as development decreases and you are left with vast spaces of flat land interspersed with cotton,, Read More

So, firstly hello. I am proud of what Sofia has done with this blog. She is a great photographer and has learnt a lot with the computer since undertaking this record of life in Australia. I have been asked to say a few words on what it is like to put your life on, Read More

1. CLOTHES T-shirts, shorts, and a sun hat of some sort, will probably be your staple wardrobe. If you come during winter (June to August) it’s worth taking a couple of warmer things, and a waterproof jacket.You’ll also need longer trousers/skirts/tops if you want to visit churches or go out at night. 2. SHOES, Read More

4 days to start the trip to Portugal!! EHEH!!!!

Keep getting e mails asking if I feel bored to do most of the trips myself..Well, sometimes yes, but…. The only constant of travel is change and the constant of living in a foreign country is that everything is new.. And I love constant change and new things.. everything is new.. so How can, Read More

1- Unpack Whether you just stay a night or a month in an hostel, make yourself at home. Unpack a few things and set up your bed!! 2- Follow routines Establish routines, carrying the same habits to different places can bring welcome consistency to an unstructured life. My evening routine- writting my travel journal!!, Read More

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