Paddling into the Tarkine

Doing nothing is definitely an option when you get to Corina.

This restored settlement nestled on the northen bank of the Pieman River seems the perfect place to wander slowly along the banks near the town – there is a great fireplace in the town’s only shop and the food smells delicious…

paddling the tarkine - tasmania

paddling the tarkine – tasmania

The old original miners’ cabins, pub and the last original roadman’s cottage from the 1800’s are the final ones remaining in Tasmania have been restored for guests to stay in.

The Tarkine River

The Tarkine River

However we spotted something else that we were interested in. They were red and shiny…


The kayaks were calling us for a paddle down the river. The Pieman River is wide and stained from all the trees lining the banks to the colour of tea. This area is known for rainfall and a paddle in any direction will lead you to further rivers making their way down from the mountains to the wild coastline. It is the perfect way to explore the large footprint of the cold and remoteTarkine rainforest.


We paddled towards Savage River to spot the furtherest inland shipwreck in Australia. And it was creepy with no noise around besides wildlife and our soft paddles, the water was still as still can be and the shipwreck added the eery feeling…


We had earlier arranged with the shop to tie our kayak up near the wreck and walk back through the forest. Being rainforest, the land was certainly wet and thick. We were thankful we were visiting here in summer and with a map of the area!


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