How To Save Money While Traveling with Groupon

Who doesn’t want their travel budget stretch to the maximum? We all do.

I have plenty of ways to safe up for my trips but saving my money while travelling is also important.  One of the ways I do this is through using discount coupons.

travel deals

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In Australia, Groupon Coupons has quickly become one of my favourite sites to find a bargain while I’m travelling.

Finding the Best Groupon Coupons

While there’s nothing wrong with just going to and seeing what pops up, you may not get what you are looking for with that approach.

Your best strategy is to check out the travel section and also their travel collections to see what combinations are available before you pull the trigger and book anything.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to find Groupon coupons for your next travel:

1| Log in to Groupon Homepage.

If you’re not an Groupon member already, go ahead and sign up, they will send you all the great deals!



2| Check the home page for deals

Okay, once you’re logged in to your account and you can see what comes up as your home base to see if they are running any deals or sales at the current moment. You’ll notice that they’re typically advertising that you can save money if you book your flight and hotel together and that you can cancel at anytime. These are good things to remember as you go through and plan your trip.

travel deals

3| Dig deeper into Groupon’s pages

Next, you want to check all of Groupon’s specific deal pages for the best bargains.

Basically, Groupon not just  advertises last-minute deals but also hotel deals, vacation packages, and other promotions on several different pages, and before you settle on a trip, you want to check them all — because you never know where you’ll have the most luck.

4| Be flexible

Ultimately, the best strategy is to be flexible and use all the information above to book your next trip. The more open-ended you are about destinations and dates, the more money you can save. For example, I used Travelocity, which is a holiday search engine, to book some parts of our trip to Japan. On Groupon, I found discounts such as money off flights and last minutes deals that I then used with Travelocity.

travel deals



How do you save money while travelling?

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