Four Things I Would Tell a New Traveller


Living nomadic life comes with lots of pros and cons. Some people go for it just for the thrill, some are embracing the possibility of escaping the ordinary and venturing forth into the unknown. One way or another, there is one thing that is common for all of them: They all had to start somewhere.

So, if you are thinking about embarking on a worldwide journey and adopting a nomadic style of living, it’s ok to be scared a little.

Thing is, you should always bear in mind that experiences you’ll get during your travels will greatly exceed all the discomfort caused by them when everything adds up in the end.

However, there are some things that you should be aware of if you are a novice traveller.  


1 | Don’t Rush

One most common error that travelers make is rushing their trips. Being so tight on the schedule will not help you see or truly experience places you visit during your trip.

Remember those high school trips where you had 7 days to travel through 5 countries? What do you really remember about that journey?

Rushing through places just to say that you’ve been there is a wrong way of living the nomadic life. True comfort comes with staying in one place for long enough to experience local lifestyle, cuisine, traditions… Take your time to actually meet and spend some time with the locals, try to blend in as much as you can and enjoy every moment you spend there.

A tight schedule may result in a great amount of stress and anxiety. They are caused by the fact that you never have enough time to visit all the landmarks and experience everything you have planned for when you’re that short on time.

2 | Stay On Your Toes

By saying this, we really mean that you should prepare yourself for your journey. Traveling into the unknown without a clear plan and without a backup plan can prove to be a suicidal mission. Especially if you are traveling on a budget.

You don’t want your dream journey to turn into a nightmare. As lots of unexpected things can happen you should always be aware of your nearest embassy for example. Besides, always take some extra money to keep it in case of emergency and you should always carry a dictionary with yourself so you can find common ground with the locals. Lastly, knowing what gadgets to carry on your journey may help a lot.

Four Things I Would Tell a New Traveller

3 | Get the Most Out Of Your Trip

Going on the worldwide journey may be categorised as going on a long holiday. Don’t forget that when it is winter in Australia, it is at the same time summer in the Europe for example.

Keeping that in mind, you can always plan ahead for a nice skiing holiday if you are planning to pay a visit to some of the world’s famous ski centers.

On the other hand, if you are paying a visit to some exotic tourist destinations known for their mild climate, beautiful beaches and seashores, treat yourself by booking an accommodation near the sea for a couple of days. Take a break from your travels and recharge.

Four Things I Would Tell a New Traveller

4 | Bring Memories With You

At the end of it all, make sure to bring memories home with you. With so many places visited, it is impossible for you to bring actual physical objects on yourself back to your home. Instead, go for the little things.

Also, making friends with people is a must. In today’s world of social networks and easy communication, staying in touch with the people you met is easier than ever before.

Find an appropriate place in your house for all the tokens you’ve taken back from your journey and make sure to check up on your friends from time to time. Let those memories last forever!

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