4 Reasons to visit Australia’s East Coast in the Summer

Summer = Holidays Australian summer coincides with Christmas and New Years festivities. So although a white Christmas will not be on the cards, enjoy the Boxing Day sales in agreeable weather and for those who are less shopping inclined, the cricket Ashes series also kicks off at this time in Melbourne, so there is, Read More

The Differences Of Australia Make It Worth Visiting

Australia. A country with a unique history of anywhere in the world, somewhere that tops the chart for places people want to visit during their lifetimes. It’s likely that you intend to go here yourself, or have expressed some form of desire to in the past, and this article will serve to help you, Read More

5 Things to Take Care of When Planning Your Next Trip

You’ve chosen the destination for your next great adventure, whether for business or pleasure, and managed to get a great deal on the flights. The only thing left to do is pack…right? Not quite. If you really want your trip to be a success from start to finish, it’s essential to consider the following, Read More


Choose Shoes Wisely I know it looks like common sense, but when you are visiting a hilly city like Lisbon this needs to be highlighted! There’s no doubt that the most popular way to explore Portugal most popular spots is on foots, but considering packing a good pair of sneakers or sturdy comfortable sandals., Read More

Check your passport Of course, you know this already, that without a valid passport you won’t get very far. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months before its expiration date. Find out what kind of visa you will need to enter Canada, which will depend on your Nationality. For us, Read More

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