5 Things to Take Care of When Planning Your Next Trip

You’ve chosen the destination for your next great adventure, whether for business or pleasure, and managed to get a great deal on the flights. The only thing left to do is pack…right? Not quite. If you really want your trip to be a success from start to finish, it’s essential to consider the following, Read More


Choose Shoes Wisely I know it looks like common sense, but when you are visiting a hilly city like Lisbon this needs to be highlighted! There’s no doubt that the most popular way to explore Portugal most popular spots is on foots, but considering packing a good pair of sneakers or sturdy comfortable sandals., Read More

Check your passport Of course, you know this already, that without a valid passport you won’t get very far. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months before its expiration date. Find out what kind of visa you will need to enter Canada, which will depend on your Nationality. For us, Read More

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