5 Amazing Gadgets You Must Carry While Travelling

This is not a post written by me. Juliet is our guest blogger for the day.

Juliet is a part of a Student Astronomical Society. She is an avid reader and science lover. She is an astronomy geek with a keen interest in new technology and gadgets for looking into space. She regularly writes reviews on Telescopic Watch.

And these are here 5 Amazing Gadgets she carries while travelling!

The major hurdle you probably face while travelling is the accommodation of all the things you need in one suitcase. And what is more troubling is the access to all the important stuff while you are in transit. Reaching out for your phone every time it beeps or rings while your hands are full with the luggage is a great challenge.

If you are an avid traveller, you may have the thorough knowledge of the gadgets that are available today for making your travel experience a more convenient one. However, if you are heading abroad after quite some time, you may need to read this out and add these gadgets to your luggage. You will not regret buying them.

So, read through and thank me later!


Apple Smart Watch

If you are tired of reaching out for your iPhone each time there is a notification, get an Apple Smart Watch. It is like a wearable computer that keeps your hands free and enables you to check all your notifications on it whenever you need as it is synced to your phone. Plus, you can also pay via the device without the need to reach out for your wallet every time as well. Amazing, isn’t it?


Sandless Accessories for the Beach

If you are traveling to an island with sand and water everywhere you go, you are probably worried about ending up with sand in all your stuff. You can prevent that from happening by getting your hands on the new sandless technology which is available in different forms. There are bags and even ground mats made of it so that you do not have sand stuck to everything and enjoy your trip without the need to dust off sand the whole time.

Sandless Accessories for the Beach

Mini Travel Iron

Are you on a business trip and worried about getting all your clothes creased while travelling? Fret not! The mini travel steam iron is a must-have for you. It gets heated up in merely 15 seconds and the size is perfectly compact that it takes almost no room. You can even carry it in your purse without a problem. It even has varying temperature levels for your convenience.


Water Purifying Bottle

Do you end up getting sick by drinking water when you are away from home? It is usually because it is contaminated or it simply doesn’t suit you. Getting a travel-size water bottle that purifies water can be a real life-saver for you. It becomes mandatory to have if you are going for an adventure to a remote area where you may not find fresh and filtered water.  There are different water bottles that come with a proper purification system that cleans your water in merely 60 seconds. Say goodbye to sickness while travelling!


The Wash Bag

Now, this one may be completely new for you yet the most useful one at the same time. There are pocket-size wash bags available now that work like a mini washing board. All you need is some water and washing powder and it leaves your clothes super clean. And the best part is that you do not have to wait for it dry either due to the material it is usually made of.

So, you do not have to worry about finding a place to wash your clothes now, either you are in a luxury hotel or in the woods of South Africa.

The Wash Bag

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