Considering a move to the land down under? If so, you can expect your entire life to change for the better! There are a few things, some important and others just fun facts, that every person moving to Australia needs to know. Moving to Australia can be time consuming and you should, Read More

  You know all those dream holiday photos you see online – the ones with white sandy beaches, shady palm trees and crystal-clear waters? Well, chances are most of those were taken in the beautiful South Pacific. If you’re looking for a truly relaxing getaway to a dream destination, a South Pacific island (or, Read More

Dreaming up a trip is the easiest part of every journey. All you need is a working imagination. The other bits before you go? You’ve got to book tickets, worry about accommodation, work out budgets, apply for visas…then you’ve got to plan your itinerary. And what about recording memories for sharing during the trip, Read More

Solo travel is not always a smooth ride, so here are my top 9 tips for solo travellers to help you on your solo journey… 1 | Research Your Destination For many solo travellers, planning and researching is almost as fun as actually traveling! I should confess that research is not usually my strength –, Read More

  Going on an outdoor adventure requires preparation and planning in advance. Taking an offshore sailing trip as an example, here are 10 pieces of equipment that you should take with you including some ideas how to protect your material in humid environments and how to keep everything together 1 – ACTION CAMERA They, Read More

It takes asking the question “why not?” and starting the engine before finding a rational answer. Sure, life lived on a whim is one wrought with uncertainty, but it’s also one where road trips take you further than the next town and friends aren’t just the people you sat next to in school. When, Read More

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