Most day treks require a peanut butter sandwich, a water bottle and maybe some bug spray. But for the weekend warrior who wants to crush in one day what most people stroll in two, there are a few indispensables in case the weather turns bad or  you get injured. Here is a list of essentials for spending a, Read More

  For many of us, trekking can be like meditation we leave our usual home life far behind as we experience some truly extraordinary views, lookouts and man the walking pace make us really chill! Over the past days I have spent a great deal of time around Springbrook National Park, and here are my favourite, Read More

  As cycling holidays become the first choice of travel for a growing number of us, there is no shortage of places to conquer. Today the Armchair Traveller takes you to “Epic Bike Rides of The World”  Sometimes when travelling, a car can move too fast and walking can be too slow. Pedalling through, Read More

  Getting married is a very special event and it should definitely be a memorable one. Some try to be lavish and spend a lot for a wedding to remember, while others do outrageous things and get married in very unique places. Here are a ten unconventional ways to say “I do.”   1, Read More

  Travelling to different places can be one of the most exciting activities that you will never forget. Knowing that the world is full of wonderful views, it might be difficult for you to decide where to go. Why don’t you go to Sydney and have a wonderful travel experience? Sydney is not only, Read More

Seeing a country at your own pace is a real luxury when travelling. You can stop at your leisure for those must-have photos, enjoy once in a lifetime moments and simply do exactly what it is you feel like doing. While many people would happily take the idea of road tripping through Europe or, Read More

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