There was a time when people of other cultures didn’t live side-by-side as frequently as they now do. Multicultural communities were often found only in large cities and even then, people would tend to stay close to people of their own ethnic or religious background. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why there, Read More

Going on holiday is a fantastic opportunity for you to escape the stresses and strains of daily life. However, it will be impossible for you to relax if you are forced to worry about the amount of money that you have spent. Instead of taking out a loan or pushing your bank balance to, Read More

Though the Caribbean is home to plenty of awe-inspiring tropical paradises, there are few that can compete with Negril, Jamaica in terms of both scenery and fun. With a massive, world-famous beach that is easily as beautiful as any other stretch of ocean on the planet, this small and friendly beach community is a, Read More

Thanks to the rise of budget airlines, high-speed trains and, of course, the internet, the world is becoming a smaller place. Journeys that would have taken months of planning can now be organized with just a few clicks of a mouse. Rather than turning up at a location and wandering around to try and, Read More

Asia is ranked the leading tourist continent destination with Hong Kong being the top-ranked city destination in the world nine years in a row. This is due to the strategic positioning of Hong Kong and its successful relationship with the mainland. However, this may be short-lived with the strained relationships caused by tensions between, Read More

The US is one of the most preferred holiday destinations amongst travellers globally. It’s a place that is well known for hosting many New Year’s Eve events with fun-filled carnivals, celebrations and other activities. In this article, we have discussed about the top six destinations within the US, where you can spend a memorable, Read More

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