This is possibly the most adventurous way to get to London in the 21st Century… “In a journey, what really matters is the starting point and the destination” – Well, that is a quite controversial statement in the context of travelling: In fact, some argue for the prime importance of the destination and neglect, Read More

Keep fit while on the road is definitely a challenge for many people. While travelling may be the perfect time for a routine break, don’t let that be an excuse to skip a workout. Here are some easy ways on how to keep fit while you travelling! Sightseeing Run This is probably my favourite and I, Read More

There is no better way than to make your trip to Sydney a stand out occasion than by taking a helicopter tour to gain a whole new perspective on this vibrant city. Chartering a helicopter is so accessible that it’s possible for everyone to ride in style for a very reasonable price and make, Read More

The Best Things In Life Are Free I suck at deadlines. I should have started the ArmChair Traveller section on the first of August, but instead I’ve been reading and trying out some of the experiences written in the book that I am about to share with you. You know me well, over the, Read More

  Japan has one of the world’s most extensive and efficient railway networks, with clean and comfortable trains, I’m serious! Japan was the first country that I found to have stunning green velvet seats impeccable cleaned and the outside of the trains are polished!!! So, before I left to Japan I wondered if I, Read More

For 96.4 percent of the population, more time is spent “not” traveling than actually traveling, although quite possibly 100 percent of the time is spent thinking about traveling. Traveling is normally associated with taking long-haul trips and covering far distances, particularly for Aussies, where an 8-hour flight is a “short” trip. But travel can also happen, Read More

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