When I first went to Vietnam, 15 years ago, getting a visa was pretty straight forward – you would line up at the airport, fill in couple of forms , and wait for your passport to get stamped. Things have change slightly since then. For most people, a visa is needed, exceptions to this, Read More

Australia is a country that has been attracting a great deal of international attention in the past several years. One of the primary reasons for this is the wealth of employment opportunities that are available to both immigrants and locals alike. Employment opportunities aside, there is an enormous potential for business owners to have, Read More

Every camping trip is exciting, especially when you take your family! But, for those of you who travel with children you will all remember the moment when, after days of preparation, you have finally loaded all into your car and start to drive. After what feels like 5 minutes, you hear the well known, Read More

Australia is commonly known to be a continent hosting more than 7000 different animal species. However, getting in touch with this wide-ranging animal kingdom is not always that simple and it is highly possible to spend some time in Australia without even spotting a kangaroo hopping over the street, a koala relaxing on top, Read More

When you set off on your travels, there are so many ways you could experience the place that you have chosen. You could make a list of all the tourist attractions waiting for your there because it will really come in handy, but do you really want to spend your trip crossing off items, Read More

There are some sights in the world will take your breath away. They are popular with travellers from every country, and millions of people visit the locations every twelve months. With that in mind, this post will highlight three of the most extraordinary things this planet has to offer. If you haven’t visited these, Read More

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