Travelling is something that anybody can enjoy at any age. It is a chance to experience the many beautiful things that life has to offer first-hand and engage with different people from various walks of life. There are many life-lessons and skills that you can develop when you travel often. Some include self-confidence, learning, Read More

We have all been there, on our way to a new exciting destination, but before getting there we must endure long, painful and cramped flights. Twisting and turning in fixed seats not designed for comfort, for hours on end, struggling to find a pleasant resting position. Some of us will try getting comfortable by, Read More

When most people swap homes, it’s done so simultaneously.  That is, you ‘cross over’ with each other – you stay at theirs and they stay at yours.  Platforms like Casaversa do just this – when you exchange homes, using their website, you eliminate your accommodation bill entirely, enabling you to travel more and stay, Read More

Travelling overseas is an adventure that everyone should try to have at least once in their lifetime. The unexpected lessons you learn and the experiences you find along the way cannot be planned by making a detailed itinerary or meticulously booking every activity online in advance. Going abroad is about escaping the mundane routines, Read More

Sun, sea, and sand aren’t the only things that draw thousands upon thousands of travellers to Australia’s golden shores every year. The diverse, welcoming culture of Australia is born of a rich society. Famously laid back, ever up for a chat, and inventive when it comes to having fun, if you want a taste, Read More

This is not a post written by me. Juliet is our guest blogger for the day. Juliet is a part of a Student Astronomical Society. She is an avid reader and science lover. She is an astronomy geek with a keen interest in new technology and gadgets for looking into space. She regularly writes reviews, Read More

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